Electoral Reform

"It's time for new voices at the table."

  • Electoral College

    Under our current Electoral College system, southern Illinoisans are forgotten. Many don’t even bother going to the polls because the state’s Electoral Vote allocation is determined almost entirely by Chicago. The simple premise of a democracy is that every vote counts and that every voice matters. In order to maintain this premise, we have to switch our national system to either a Proportional Electoral College or a Popular Vote (under the National Popular Vote Compact which Illinois has agreed to). I’ll continue pushing for electoral justice in the Illinois State Senate to ensure the voices of my constituents are heard loud and clear.

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  • Ballot Reform

    When we walk into a voting booth, we rarely only support one candidate. The political opinions of our citizenry are complex, and we need an electoral system that reflects this. Ranked Choice Voting allows voters to pick a favorite candidate, a second favorite candidate, a third favorite candidate, and so on. This system has been shown to reduce political polarization and result in candidates being elected who truly represent the desires of their constituency, and it reduces the likelihood that an unwanted candidate will win simply due to an artifact of the election system. Fair and accurate elections are the bedrock of our democracy, and ranked choice elections will take our democracy into the 21st century.

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  • Campaign Finance

    In our current system, we don’t elect leaders, we elect fundraisers. Campaign spending is out of control, and the integrity of our government has been corrupted by the outsized influence of wealthy donors. This is no way to run a representative republic. I will support campaign finance restrictions to ensure that our leaders can spend more time knocking on the doors of their constituents and less time on the phone with their funders.