"Our teachers shouldn’t have to take money out of their already-too-small paychecks to pay for materials."

Education is the silver bullet to advancing a society. It raises wages, lowers unemployment, and fosters community and a higher level of social discourse. Ensuring that IL 51 is home to top-tier educational facilities will be one of my first priorities in the State Senate.

  • Teachers

    It is a disgrace, in this day and age, that teachers often are forced to take money out of their own, already-too-small paychecks to pay for school supplies. As State Senator, I will fight to ensure that our schools are well-funded and well-stocked with supplies so our teachers can educate their students to their fullest ability without worrying about their own finances.

  • Higher Education

    During the 2-year long budget crisis, Illinois’ higher education suffered. We can’t let this happen again. Our universities and colleges attract talent not only from all across America, but from across the world. Higher education funding is an investment, and it’s an investment well-made. As State Senator, I will fight relentlessly to be sure our higher education facilities are fully funded so they can continue to be the great cultural and economic boons they have always been for this state.

  • Digital Literacy

    We are living in the modern era and we need an education system for the modern era. The simple fact is, our children are increasingly being raised with technology and the internet. We must ensure that our schools prepare students to navigate the internet and today’s technology in a way that is healthy, safe, and productive. I will advocate to improve the level of digital education in schools so that our students are prepared for the increasingly technological world.

    Looking forward, we should acknowledge the massive job growth in technology sectors and we must harness this opportunity. Schools should be teaching elementary coding, design, and other computer skills to ensure our students are prepared, if they so choose, for a successful career in America’s tech industry.